Why Be a Grant Cottage Volunteer?

Why Be a Grant Cottage Volunteer?

Are you interested in volunteering, but want to know more about what it’s like first? We asked our current volunteers a series of questions in order to understand what motivates them and what the volunteer experience at Grant Cottage is really like.

Why do you volunteer at Grant Cottage?

“Doing so is the highlight of my summer.”

“I enjoy history and sharing it with others is a great privilege.”

“I love history and enjoy sharing Grant’s Mt. McGregor story with others.”


“Stories from Grant's life are inspirational, relevant to today, and should be shared.”

“Ulysses S. Grant has always been an inspiration for me. Mount McGregor is a beautiful place. I enjoy meeting the people that visit and sharing the story in such a peaceful and picturesque setting.”

“The opportunity to share my love of history and the chance to still be a teacher.”

“My love of history and my admiration of Ulysses S. Grant.”


What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Grant Cottage?

“I enjoy sharing the story of Grant's courage, dignity, and love of family.”


“Meeting people both local and from around the world, the peacefulness of being there, and making new friends.”

“The chance to experience history and help interpret it to the public.”

“The people - those who volunteer and those who come and want to learn more about Grant.”

“Camaraderie, learning new facts from volunteer friends and the view!”

“The beauty of the location and the story of what happened there."

“The friendships that develop among volunteers.”

“I love being at the cottage, sharing Grant's last days with tourists and having interesting conversations with them.”


What is the volunteer environment like at Grant Cottage?

“It’s a pleasant environment with a dedicated group of staff and volunteers that make you feel welcome and appreciated. Everyone gets along well and you look forward to your volunteer days.”


“It is very friendly and welcoming.”

“Little to no drama.”

“Friendly and caring.”

“We laugh and have fun.”

“Relaxed, supportive, and fun.”

“Open to feedback & new ideas.”


Why might someone want to volunteer at Grant Cottage?

“You will learn a lot just by being around the staff and volunteers and you will make new friends.”

“It’s a great way to meet people if you are new to the area.”

“You learn something every time you volunteer there and meet some wonderful people.”

“If you love History but aren't sure you can absorb all the Grant information and/or you're not sure about interacting with the public, fear not, you will be gently mentored at every step.”

“You can choose your hours.”


We are so happy that our volunteers find purpose and enjoyment in what they do. Our volunteers are part of a legacy of over 130 years of introducing visitors to the compelling story of U.S. Grant’s last days on Mt. McGregor. Volunteers fulfill the vital role of providing our visitors an enriching, relevant, and inspirational experience in a beautiful natural setting. We strive to provide a positive and supportive atmosphere where our volunteers can use their varied talents to the fullest and offer various volunteer opportunities providing a variety of ways to contribute. Flexible scheduling and a low-pressure environment allow our volunteers to fit their volunteering in when they can. We hope you will consider applying to volunteer so that you can have the opportunity to find out for yourself what it’s like to be a part of the Grant Cottage Team.

For further questions on becoming a volunteer feel free to contact Ben Kemp, Friends of Grant Cottage Operations Manager at ben@grantcottage.org or 518-538-8330.