Grant Cottage Outreach

The Friends of Grant Cottage as part of their mission to educate and inspire the pubic about history is offering the following Outreach Programs to interested groups, organizations, schools etc.

For a fee of $100 (+ mileage and a $50 educator fee if 20+ miles from Grant Cottage Historic Site in Wilton, NY) an educator (or educators) will travel to your location and present one of the following programs (Contact us at for inquiries & bookings):

Adult Outreach Programs:


“General Grant & Mt. McGregor: A Story of Family Devotion”

He’s known as the man who saved the Union and our 18th President, but what was Ulysses Grant really like? Explore lesser-known facts and stories that highlight the true nature of this mythical figure. Learn about his final year and how his time on an Upstate New York mountaintop truly illustrated his depth of character.

115 NYVI Reunion 1890-1901 4x6 original.jpg

“A Veteran Speaks: Oscar Kemp of the 115th NY and the Grand Army”

The Civil War is one of the most studied conflicts in American history, but much of the emphasis is on battles, leaders and soldiers during the four years of war. What happened to the survivors? What were their stories and how did they transition back into civilian life? Many of the veterans joined fraternal organizations for support, the largest being the Grand Army of the Republic. Join Civil War veteran Oscar Kemp (portrayed by descendant and Grant Cottage staff member Ben Kemp) as he recounts his war experiences with the 115th NY and then discusses the experience of veterans after the war and the Grand Army of the Republic.


“Grant & Twain: Authors & Friends”

Civil War General, President of the United States, World Traveler what else did Ulysses S. Grant do during his illustrious career? How about authoring one of the best memoirs ever written. Explore the compelling circumstances and the role of friend Mark Twain in Grant’s short but important career as an author.

Note: Other custom programming available by special request.

Youth Outreach Education Programs:

-Guess The Artifact/Morse Code:

Students will learn the importance of artifacts and the need for preservation. They engage with artifacts by trying to guess the use of multiple historical items. They then participate in an activity highlighting period technology by learning about and deciphering a Morse Code message.

-Women in the Civil War

Students will learn about the interesting and vital roles women played during the American Civil War. They will have a chance to see and interact with various props to heighten the experience.

-Meet an Historic Character (Grant family member, Civil War Soldier or U.S. Grant)

Students will meet and interact with an historic character, portrayed by a Living Historian, and learn about life in the past.