10 Exciting Things You Can Do At Civil War Weekend


10 Exciting Things You Can Do At Civil War Weekend

Encampments are action-packed, exhilarating events that make history come to life. There are often battles, musical performances, re-enactors dressed in period clothing, and military artifact displays. Not sure what to expect? Check out 10 things visitors can do at our upcoming Civil War Weekend. Get your tickets now!

1. Get the inside scoop! The re-enactors are there to engage with you and share the story of how individuals lived during the Civil War. Simply walking past them will not do. Think of some questions to ask before coming so that you are ready to dig a little deeper and get the "real" scoop.

2. Shop til you Drop! For all you history buffs visit the Camp Store tent in the vendor area to browse authentic Civil War antiques and other gift items. 


3. Sing along! A number of the songs that the historical musical groups will be playing may be familiar to you. If so, don't be shy, be a part of the action and sing along. Don't worry not everybody sounded good 150 years ago either. ;-)

4. Stuff your Face! Visit the food vendors for some good eats and tasty treats to fuel yourself for your exciting historical journey.


5. Picture yourself in 1863! Capture your experience with a professional tintype made by Glens Falls Art. Learn about the photographic methods used in the 19th century and take home a unique and beautiful item you can proudly display.

6. Horse Around! No don't get in trouble, instead check out the Cavalry Camp. Discuss with Cavalry re-enactors how their service was different than foot soldiers and how they had to care for their animals. Of course the stars of the show will be the horses themselves, and if you're nice, they may just let you take a selfie with them.

7. Be a Book Worm! Visit the Camp Store tent to talk with Civil War authors and get signed copies of their books.


8. Call the Doc! Don't miss the medical displays and demonstrations. The medical side of the Civil War can be a bit uncomfortable to learn about for some, but it saved many soldiers' lives. The medical re-enactors do a great job keeping this part of Civil War history alive and it is a must see.

9. The Rebel Yell! Make sure to visit the Confederate Camp to find out how the southern soldiers lived during the war. Find out about the similarities and differences with their Union counterparts. Who knows at some point you may just get a chance to hear the famed "Rebel Yell"! 


10. The Rolling Thunder! Be sure to check the schedule to catch the various military demonstrations throughout the day. A chance to witness history firsthand with all the noise and smoke of drill and battle. Some young ones might want earplugs for this.

Other tips: 

-Buy your tickets before you go. Parking is limited at the event, but those with advanced tickets can guarantee a spot!

-Bring a folding chair or stool if you need to sit at the demonstration area.

-Have your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses ready.

-Leave your pets and alcohol at home. 

-Please be courteous to event staff.

Civil War Weekend takes place at DA Collins Property (269 Ballard Road in Wilton, NY) on August 11th from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  & 12th from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Click here for tickets