Veteran's Day 2017

On this Veterans Day we remember all veterans who have served and sacrificed for their country. Like many American families, the Grant family had its share of members in the service including Ulysses S. Grant's son Fred, who joined his father in the Civil War, went on to graduate West Point, served in the Indian Wars, Spanish American and Philippine Wars and ended his career as a Major General.


Fred's son Ulysses III would also graduate West Point and go on to serve in the Philippine War and through both World Wars ending his career as a 3rd generation Major General. Ellen "Nellie" Grant Sartoris' son Algernon E. Sartoris served in the Spanish American War as an aide to General Fitzhugh Lee (Nephew of Gen. Robert E. Lee) and later in the Philippine War attaining the rank of Captain.

Ulysses Grant IV, son of Ulysses Grant Jr., joined World War I as a Private and attained the rank of 2nd Lieutenant before the war ended. Chapman Grant, son of Jesse Grant, entered the US Cavalry in 1913, he served on the Mexican border and later as Commandant of the ROTC at the University of Wichita eventually retiring with the rank of Major.

Ulysses Grant V, son of Chapman Grant and the last surviving great grandson of Ulysses S. Grant passed away in 2011 being a veteran of both World War II and the Korean War. Future generations of loyal and brave Americans are sure to continue the legacy.