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  Saturday June 6

Celtic Heritage Day
Mabee Farm
State Historic Site

Ben Kemp will be discussing the role of the Irish Brigade in the Civil War and US Gran't Irish family ties

Upcoming presentations by
Steve Trimm

August 9--12:30    
The Georgi On The Battenkill, Shusan NY        
"A Visit From General Grant"

September 1--6:00    
Albany County Historic Society, Ten Broeck Mansion
"An Evening with General Grant"

October 5--9:30am  
Center For Creative Retirement,
Hudson Valley Community College, Troy NY

" Captured By The Indians "

Steve Trimm will talk about his ancestor Ezra who, in 1763, at age 13, was captured by the Delaware Indians.
( registration required )

October 29--Noon
Saratoga Public Library, Saratoga Springs NY
"General Grant Remembers President Lincoln. "

December 8--2PM     
East Greenbush NY Library      
"G.I. (Gantter's Infantry)"  

Ray Gantter was an infantryman who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and the invasion of Nazis Germany and, years after coming home, wrote a book about his experiences. His nephew Steve Trimm will read excerpts from the book.

Upcoming presentations by
Dave Hubbard

April 27--6pm  
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Rotary Inter Club Dinner, Eaglecrest Golf Club, "Civil War and Baseball"
May 16--10am to 3pm
Saratoga Heritage Hunter's Faire. Clifton Park Halfmoon Library, "America's Richest Nun."

Other Upcoming    Presentations

September 26--10am - 4pm
Washington County History Faire, Salem Central School, East Broadway, Salem, NY

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again: 150 Years Since the End of the Civil War and the Return of the 123rd Regiment.

Presentations include:
  • "Civil War and Baseball" by Dave Hubbard
  • "The Real Life of a Civil War Solider" by Ben Kemp

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Speakers Bureau

Grant Cottage volunteers and staff offer off-site programs throughout the year spanning a variety of topics related to the Cottage, Ulysses S. Grant, and the Civil War.

Steve Trimm
 (gctourguide [at] gmail.com)
  • History of Grant Cottage
  • Harrison Terrell—Grant's African American Valet who remained within arm's reach to provide care when physicians were not available to the ailing Civil War hero and former president.
  • Sam Willett—former Union soldier from Argyle, N.Y. who served as Grant's bodyguard at the cottage in 1885.
  • Oliver Clarke—the cottage's first caretaker, Civil War veteran and POW at the infamous Anderonville.
  • Suye Narita Gambino—the cottage's 2nd caretaker and a citizen of Japan. She was interned during WWII at Mt McGregor and obtained American citizenship after the war.
  • Charles Wood—Troy businessman who sent Grant $1,500 upon hearing about his bankruptcy. Wood's note to Grant read, "I owe you this for Appomattox."
  • Princess Cantacuzene—Grant's first grandchild, Julia, who married a Russian nobleman and published her recollections of her grandfather.
Steve Trimm also provides historic interpretations of:
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Colonel Frederick Grant, Grant's oldest son
  • Lt. Lawrence Van Alstyne—NY 128th Regiment and officer of the U.S.C.T.

David Hubbard
(Davehub [at] aol.com)

  • Virtual Tour of Grant Cottage—a brief history of Mt. McGregor and the cottage in which Grant completed his memoirs in 1885.
  • Baseball and the Civil War—baseball's development and value during the Civil War.
  • Mountain History:  The Sanatorium.  Prior to it becoming the Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility, Metropolitan Life Insurance ran a hospital for patients suffering from tuberculosis.  It has a rich history with many personal stories researched by Mr. Hubbard.
  • Life of a Public Building:  History and Architecture of Mt. McGregor

    Tom Smith
    (tsmith2 (at) nycap.rr.com)

    "Ulysses S. Grant:  His Life, His Work, His Death"

    Tom's 50-minute presentation covers the life of Grant beginning in 1822 focusing on his later years.  It touches on themes such has his bankruptcy, writing of his memoirs, his disease, and finally his death and funeral services at Grant Cottage.  Accompanied by items from his personal collection including portraits and photos, it is an effective presentation for civic or fraternal organizations and history groups.

    Ben Kemp
    (benk123rd (at) hotmail.com)

    An educational portrayal of a Union soldier in the American Civil War. This program is appropriate for schools or organizations looking to bring history to life and engage the curiosity of the audience. The equipment and clothing will be displayed and discussed as well as the life and experiences of the common soldier, complete with live musket firing demonstrations if permitted. Program can be tailored according to time and/or age."