Do you have an ancestor who served during the Civil War?

A story from the Civil War home front?

As a way to honor the men and women of 1861-65 and "keep their memory green", The Friends of Grant Cottage are compiling an archive of Civil War Ancestor Stories.

If you'd like your ancestor's story preserved, please send it via snail mail to:

Steve Trimm
48 Kenosha St.,
Albany, NY 12209.

If you'd prefer to use e-mail, Steve's e-mail address is:

Learn about Ulysses S. Grant

Student Resource Booklet
A 4-unit booklet with questions for each unit, a glossary with appropriate vocabulary, as well as a word search.  Ideal preparation for a field trip visit to the Cottage.  An accompanying Teacher's Guide is available upon request which provides answers and supplemental information for the instructor.

Historic Images
A collection of pictures, postcards, and memorabilia of Grant, the Cottage, and its surroundings.

View the collection of Porch Chats, historic figure portrayals, and more on the Grant Cottage YouTube Channel:

"Ulysses Stories"

Stories for kids about Ulysses S. Grant in an online comic book format. Written and illustrated by Steve Trimm.

View "Ulysses Stories"

U.S. Grant Blog
Articles, essays, and other material researched, collected, and contributed by tour guides, volunteers, and the staff of the Friends of Grant Cottage.

Audio Tour
The audio clips below were researched, contributed, and recorded by the dedicated docents, various Friends of Grant Cottage, and other members of our community.  Listen online, or for a more enhanced experience, visit the Cottage and pick up a copy of the guide with map in the Visitors Center and follow the tour on-site.

1.  Place Yourself in 1885  

2.  "General U.S.A. and his famous quote 

3.  The Caretakers & the Friends:  Heroes of the Cottage 

4.  The Rear of the Cottage 

5.  Sam Willett:  Grant's Personal Sentry 

6.  Lighting Strikes the Cottage 

7.  Duncan McGregor 

8.  The Funeral Service 

9.  The Visitors Center--A Dream Becomes a Reality 

10.  W. J. Arkell Talks about the Narrow-Gauge Railroad 

11.  Beth's Garden 

12.  A Spot to Rest 

13.  Little Julia Accompanies Grant to the Overlook 

14.  The Eastern Overlook 

15.  The American Revolution 

16.  The French & Indian War 

17.  The Geology of Mt. McGregor