When the cottage is closed, you still have the opportunity to hear the stories of the Cottage and other related themes from our staff and volunteers.

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Events Calendar

The Cottage is an ideal destination for viewing historic events near Saratoga Springs and the Capital Region.  The Cottage hosts numerous public events throughout the season such as family days, our Porch Chat Series of history lectures and portrayals, as well as acknowledgements of Grant's death and funeral.

Most events are free with tours of the Cottage at their regular fee.  Please check below for this year's calendar listing and descriptions. 

Our program planning committee has already been busy putting the event schedule together for 2015.  Please check back here periodically to see the latest updates.

All programs begin at 1pm unless otherwise noted.

Local artists are encouraged to display their artwork on the historic porch and grounds as part of a two day exhibition.  Some 130 years ago, the historic site was the location of a summer hotel, restaurant and art gallery.  The Balmoral Hotel provided meals for members of the Grant family who resided in a cottage close by.

The creation of an annual exhibition will return the historic vacationing  site to one of its original purposes while continuing to provide tours of three rooms occupied by Ulysses S. Grant.

August 30
Mark Twain
 At the beginning of the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant was Colonel of the 21st. Illinois Regiment. Mark Twain ( aka Sam Clemens ) was a member of the Marion Rangers, a rebel militia company in Missouri. The first mission of the 21st. Illinois was to scour Missouri, rooting out any and all Confederate military units. How close Grant and Twain came to meeting and being killed in the same battle is one of the stories General Grant will recount on Sunday, August 30th. Join us as America's greatest General looks back on his relationship with America's greatest author. General Grant will be portrayed by Grant Cottage tour guide Steve Trimm.

September 6
Women in John Brown's Family
The abolitionist activities of John Brown and some of his twenty children create the unusual story of women whose actions went far beyond the petitioning and pamphleteering of the era.

Grant Cottage volunteer, Diana O'Brien, will use music, Brown family images, and detailed information to describe the commitment and devotion of the Brown family to each other and the antislavery cause. The program is based upon the research of Bonnie Laughlin Schultz, author of The Tie That Bound Us, and includes Negro spirituals sung by a local tenor, and photographs from the Library of Congress. 

September 12

September 19
Heading Home:  The Uneasy Peace
Soldiers' stories describe the events following the surrender at Appomattox.  The army of Northern Virginia and Union forces underwent  significant changes when peace was at hand. Four years of war had taken its toll.  Research by volunteer Pat Smith describes the soldiers' experiences, North and South. Images help us visualize Lee, Grant, Joshua Chamberlain and others heading home to peace.

October 11
Grant Cottage Encampment

An opportunity to meet the Union Generals & members of the 125th NY Regimental Association. More than 30 historic figures will be portrayed.